Since we practice baptism by immersion in water, wear dark colored clothing you do not mind getting wet.  Typically, people were dark shorts and a dark t-shirt although some may choose to wear pants.  You may want to bring sandals or flip-flops to wear as you walk around.  Changing facilities will be available for you to use.  Also, don’t forget to invite your family and friends to join the celebration and be a part of this special day!

Checklist of things to bring

___ Dark t-shirt and dark modest shorts (perhaps a swimsuit underneath)

___ Change of clothes/undergarments

___ Large towel (for drying off)

___ Flip-flops, sandals or water shoes

___ Pony tail holder (if you have long hair)

___ Toiletries or other personal items (for after the baptism)

___ A small plastic bag or sack for your wet clothes

What to Expect

  • Come prepared to answer YES when the Pastor asks if you have accepted Jesus by faith for your salvation. You may also be asked to share a short testimony of WHY you wish to be baptized. It’s also possible that a short video statement will be recorded. This is your opportunity to declare your salvation experience in a brief few sentences.
  • The Pastor(s) will instruct you how to hold your arms so they can lower you into the water.
  • Celebration! This will be a great moment in your new life as a Christ Follower and we are privileged to be able to celebrate with you.

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